Watrous Physical Therapy patient testimonials:

"I was lucky to be referred to Ilene Watrous after months of hip and leg pain doctors were unable to diagnose and traditional PT was unable to improve. Although skeptical of her techniques at first, I was quickly won over by Ilene’s comforting manner, her wonderful hands-on therapy, and the small-movement exercises she prescribed that worked better than anything I had tried so far.  I heartily recommend her. You will not be disappointed!" - J.P., Hopewell, NJ

"Having completed treatment with Ilene, I can say that, for the first time in years, I have full mobility of my neck and am no longer plagued by shoulder pain.” -- L.F., Short Hills, NJ

"I suffered a severe concussion in a car accident and Ilene's Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy helped tremendously.  Her work relieved the headaches and the pressure I felt in one ear.  It also restored my sense of balance and feeling grounded.  Ilene is a gifted therapist and I've recommended her to several people." - U.K., rinceton, NJ

“Ilene’s work has been a lifesaver to me, since I can now live a a normal, pain-free life” -- C.W., Belle Mead, NJ

"Ms. Watrous' work has already led to greater flexibility in my lower extremities resulting in an improved gait. Her skillful application of a variety of methods seems to have stimulated the tissues and muscles in my feet and ankles which in turn has improved my balance." -- W.E., Princeton Junction, NJ

“I am nearly 92 and am sure Ilene has added years to my life. She uses cutting edge techniques that really help.” -- A.M., Princeton, NJ

"I feel very lucky to have had you in my life and want to say a big THANK YOU for giving me back my life!" -- S.K., Cranbury, NJ

"It was Watrous Physical Therapy that finally cured the acute pain I was experiencing in my neck, right shoulder, and down my arm into my fingers.  If you want to be cured from your pains and get the right treatment, you need to go to Watrous Physical Therapy." -- K.J.K., Boothwyn, PA

“Ilene Watrous is a phenomenal physical therapist. I first went to her over ten years ago. She has also cared for my husband and my teen and young adult children. She is always on time, and her waiting area is pleasant.  I typically feel better after leaving, and have had relief from neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and sciatica.   The sessions are problem focused, and I've had problem resolution  sometimes within a few session. She is very knowledgeable and uses many techniques to address different problems. I recommend her highly!” - L.H., Plainsboro, NJ

“I was having terrible daily headaches for months. I went to see Ilene and she figured out it was mainly a posture issue right away. She did some massaging to relax my neck and body, worked with me on relaxation techniques, and gave me light exercises to work on my posture. The daily headaches and need for advil are gone! I can't thank her enough!” -J.S., Pennington, NJ

“After foot surgery and having to use my arms and shoulders to get up and move around, my entire right side was a mess.  I got cortisone shots in my shoulder and tried physical therapy in a traditional PT setting which did not help at all. After researching for a new physical therapist I found Ilene Watrous. She is just amazing.  Your therapy is one on one for the entire session in a quiet, relaxing studio.  Ilene listens to your needs and your bodies response, adjusting her therapy to relieve pains and aches. The exercises that she gave me to do at home have strengthened my weak spots and given me relief from pain. I feel so thankful to have found a therapist who has an alternate approach to physical therapy, works with me the entire time and doesn't just send me off to do my exercises.  I am pain free and doing everything I was able to do before my surgery.” -M.T., Monmouth Jct., NJ

“Back pain is awful. After cortisone shots and traditional physical therapy I was referred to Irene Watrous. Instead of an impersonal noisy gym she worked with me in her calming studio. For an hour at a time her attention was focused on relieving my pain. She helped me to walk and move without pain. there was no "go do your exercises" which other therapists used to work with several patients at one time.” - S.B.

“Ilene Watrous was recommended to me by the highly esteemed Physiatrist, Dr. Paul Cooke, Princeton, NJ and NYC.  She is his go to person for patients who do not respond to traditional physical therapy.  Ilene practices out of her house and she spends at least one hour with each of her patients; there are no assistant physical therapists in her practice.  Ilene is very warm and highly experienced.  She helped me with balance, gait training, craniosacral therapies and other modalities whose names I no longer remember.  She restored the range of motion in my frozen shoulder.  When I left her office after treatment I felt like I was standing taller and with less pain.  Ilene is continually training in new treatments so that she provide the highest quality of care.  Her compassion and follow up calls are incomparable. I deeply appreciate the physical therapy I received under Ilene's care.  Since I moved from NJ, I have yet to experience the innovative and effective services that she provided.  You are in great hands with Ilene Watrous!” - A.C.

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