Decreased range of motion can result from strain in the rotator cuff muscles, slight injury, or from sleeping in an awkward position.

Watrous PT's treatment of frozen shoulder involves gentle mobilizing techniques, using the Trager Approach, Strain Counterstrain, PRRT, and Craniosacral therapy, coupled with oscillations and passive exercises.  The key is very gentle stretching, combined with more active movements as per the patient's comfort.  The patient is given a comprehensive home program of exercises aimed at restoring motion and enabling clinic visits to become more aggressive in obtaining full range of motion in the shoulder.

As soon as full range of motion is achieved, patients receive strengthening exercises and a full program to maintain range and mobility.

Shoulder patients often have neck and elbow involvement.  These problems are addressed to make sure the full range is reached in a pain-free way.

As always, each patient is evaluated and given treatment appropriate to individual needs.