Muscle strain is often the cause of neck and low back pain. In some instances, it is caused by problems in the discs of the spine.  Chronic pain that does not respond to conservative treatment should be evaluated by an MD to rule out more serious conditions. Strains can be caused by sleeping in an unusual position, pulling a muscle abruptly, motor vehicle accidents, falls, and repetitive strain injuries.  

Watrous PT uses a variety of methods to help alleviate strain causing neck and low back discomfort. Primal Reflex Release helps to down-regulate pain using reflexes that reduce the fight-or-flight response. Strain Counterstrain technique pinpoints the aggravated muscles and passively positions them to ease the strain. The Trager Approach fully mobilizes the body and helps patients learn the move in ways that feel more free and comfortable.  It is an effective movement re-education approach. Craniosacral Therapy facilitates relaxed and easy movement using decompression techniques in the lumbar area for back pain and in the cranial base for neck pain and helps the body reach a state of equilibrium.  

Therapeutic exercise, particularly Lumbar Stabilization exercises, strengthen core muscles that prevent further pain. Exercises from Chinese Chi Gong and Tai Chi are sometimes also employed to encourage free movement in the spine.

Each patient is evaluated and given treatment appropriate to individual needs.